The Band

The band was formed in the¬†winter of 2007 in the UK in London. The lead singer, Marcus Mumford, gathered a group of people all from the Uk with similiar backgounds and interests. They played as an opening band during the summer of 2009 but as their album Sigh No More became popular, they stopped touring and decided to go for it all. They spent the rest of the summer of 2009 recording their famous album Babel which has now brought them mainstream success. The band’s future is looking quite prosperous as they cotinue to receive awards including ones from MTV, Grammy, and Billboard. One reason Mumford & Sons has a bright future is because money is not the motive for the band, it is for the fun.



The majority of people who attend concerts like Mumford & Sons are unaware of their surroundings and may cause harm to people around them. For your safety, it would be recommended to stay home if you are elderly or below the age of 13. This is not mandatory but the enviroment at the concerts does not suit someone of this age range. It’s also important for you to prepare for the unthinkable and bring lots of water and food.

Mumford & Sons Memorabilia

For all the people who can’t get enough of Mumford & Sons, here is the place for you:¬† Here, you can find Mumford & Sons signed memorabilia, posters, tickets, and photos all for sale. It may be pricey but this is a safe bet and you can find exactly what you want. Another cheaper place to go is Other Mumford & Sons memorabilia can be found in pawn shops, auctions or venues. If all resources are exhausted, you may want to just want to hope stumble into the band and just become one of those lucky stories. Who knows? Anythings possible.

Where to Buy Tickets For

Depending on your age, interest, and financial situation, your seat choice may be different from others. Mumford & Sons fans are typically in their late teens or twenties so families and elderly may want to sit in the back, way side, or behind the stage. People who love Mumford & Sons but do not have enough money for top notch seats may want to wait for deals or buy early in advance where tickets can be found at around $150 for Mumford & Sons. In general, most of your wild fans are found closest to the stage while people who aren’t as crazy are further back.

Food and Drink

It is smart to eat before the concert because the food at the venue will be very expensive and not as healthy as you need it to be at a concert like Mumford & Sons (lots of jumping). If it is allowed, bring at least a water bottle per person to the concert and possibly an energy drink if you’re looking for that extra boost. Many people forget these vital tools to having a good time and pay the price by having to leave to get food or water while the concert is going on. It is essential to stay hydrated and to not be hungry so just in case, you may just want to bring a protein bar in to snack on.


This topic is something that is way over done and shouldn’t be such a planned out process when you’re going to concerts even like Mumford & Sons. It is worth the $20 or whatever outrageous price they charge because first thing, it’s the most convenient space available, and secondly, it’s usually watched to keep your car and the contents in the car safe. Considering most Mumford & Sons concerts are fairly large, it makes it more necessary to just be aware of things and all times while still having the enthused attitude that makes not only your night a good time, but the people who are around you too.

What to Wear to Mumford & Sons

Typically, a lot of jumping and other movements take place at Mumford & Sons concerts so I would recommend wearing something casual like a t shirt with khakis or a skirt with a top. If it is indoors, it is very likely to be hot so jeans, sweater, or any other heat trapping apparel shout not be worn whatsoever. If it is outdoors, you may wanna bring jacket or a sweater but it is highly unlikely you will need one considering all of the body warmth that is at Mumford & Sons concerts. Do remember that there are shirts and other items that are for sale online cheaper and in more quantity than what is sold at concerts.

Largest Crowd

Mumford & Sons played for an astounding 20,000 estimated crowd in Maine. The concert began at 2 pm. and lasted well into the evening but the party didn’t stop there. Not until Sunday morning, people were finally heading home and leaving the largest gathering ever for Mumford & Sons to date. Police said there were no major problems but crowd control seemed to be put aside while the concert went on. Long lines also halted bathroom and food opportunities as some waited for over 90 minutes. One successful tactic for the large crowd misters and free water was given out to all of the party goers.

How’d they get so far?

It’s funny to think about how a group of guys with no super spectacular talent can become so sought out for. The band joined with no real motivation but just for recreational purposes, and now they are going to sold out concerts after sold out concerts whereas in London, they opened for other people who’s tickets were $15 and possibly a slightly filled venue. If only then I could of seen them… But now, the biggest and most prestigious concert venues such as Red Rocks were sold out for months??? Boy, things have changed over the past four years and Mumford & Sons can only get better.

Future Outlook

The sky is the limit for Mumford & Sons as they succeed with no end in sight. The band’s main motto is it’s not about the money or the fame, it’s about providing good music for the people. Marcus Mumford, the lead singer, never even wanted to charge over the cost for them to play but since fame has came, prices of their concerts have went from a mere $15 when playing in the UK to well and above $300 for good seats. The up and coming movie Road To Red Rocks hopefully is hopefully another successful venture into the lives of the band Mumford & Sons.