Popular Songs and Influence

Amongst all of breath taking Mumford & Sons songs, here are the top 5 according to copies sold and plausible influence:

“I Will Wait”- emphasis on religious background

ex. “And I’ll kneel down, wait for now, And I’ll kneel down know my ground”

“Little Lion Man”- political inferences relating to Alexander Hamilton

ex. “You’ll never settle any of your score”

“The Cave”- Homer’s The Odyssey

ex. “So tie me to a post and block my ears, So make your siren’s call, And sing all you want, I will not hear what you have to say”

“Babel”- based on the story Tower of Babel from the Bible where society collapses

ex. “I write home laughing, ‘look at me now,’ The wall of my home crumbling down”

“White Blank Page”- love

ex. “Can you lie next to her, And give her your hear, your heart, As well as your body, And can you lie next to her, And confess your love, your love”

These are all personal interpretations of the song


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